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We can manage your construction contracts

The best problems are the ones that never happen, and that can be a reality when you have experienced Surveyors and Commercial Managers with real project experience across all construction sectors.

New Building Regulations in combination with Construction Design Managment, Health and safety and a raft of other legislation is pushing the boundaries of what site teams can be expected to deal with. Understanding a project from tender stage - by all parties, from Principal Designer through to sub-contractor - is critical in keeping people safe, projects moving, and capital out of harms way.

As Main Contractors push more of the obligations of Principal Designer towards architects and designers, and as contractors pick up more of the planning and risk assessment for projects environmental burdens - it's easy to get lost in the dark-forest of legislation, or for safety critical procedures to slip through the cracks.

Positive Frontiers is committed to working with all the contributors of a project, binding them together with a sense of purpose, through great communication.

As partners to any project - our team will help you navigate from start to finish. Some of the functions we can help with are shown below. But we can cover almost every aspect of a project administration. We work both sides of a contract - we can support Main Contractors, we can perform the role of Main Contractor, and we can work for any other party within a construction project.

  1. Feasibility Reports - including build-ability.
  2. Initial project risks and opportunities assessment.
  3. Contract review, development and negotiation.
  4. Programming.
  5. Estimating and budget assessments or audits.
  6. Assessment of valuations and tenders.
  7. Development of procedures and methods.

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